Farmers In Switzerland Are Making Giant Holes In The Stomach Of The Cows For This Strange Reason

And it's absolutely shocking!

Farmers in Switzerland have come up with this new way to improvise the basic farming. They have been making giant holes in the stomach of the cows for a reason that will surely make you think!

Pick up a page from History and you'll know that nothing of this sort has ever been practiced with cows or any other animal for that matter. So isn't it intriguing that Swiss farmers are doing this?

Just to understand the main logic behind why is something like this practiced by few Swiss farmers, multiple people tried conducting researches on different level.

Multiple pieces of research were conducted following which the cows are fitted with this system and the conclusion of all these researches will blow your mind off in the best way possible!

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They have fitted nearly 14 cows with this system. It is an external pipeline which connects to the digestive track of the cow. With the help of this system, the farmers can easily access and examine it.

Why is it important you'd ask? It is really necessary to keep a check on the nutrition of the cows for improvising farming needs. And hence, the farmers are adopting this new-age method. This is not where the story ends.

The cannula is basically inserted surgically in the cow's stomach and a definitive rest period is given to the cow to recover from the procedure. After the rest period, the cow can be put under examination for testing of various crops.

This method was first introduced in 1920s and this really helps in cattle raising. There are further details about this ahead!

These cannulas that are fitted in the stomach of the cows end up in their digestive track allowing farmers to examine it in order to see how the animal is processing food.

It comes with rubber plugs at the end and can be shut when the farmers are done with examining. This is indeed a really great way of examining how the animals digest different kinds of food.

Using this way they can find out about the healthier varieties of crops for the cattle needs thereby making the cattle raising more efficient. Here's the video about the whole process.

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