Facebook Deleted Her Account Because She Has An Inappropriate Name Apparently

Facebook deleted her account because of her name. Her name is...

#3 Facebook Policy

#3 Facebook Policy

Facebook is definitely very strict with its decency policy. Nothing that isn't appropriate enough for family or children can go up on facebook.

Not only this, if there is anything that can hurt the sentiments of any caste or religion cannot make it's way up on facebook. Be it a thought or a person. One such person faced this issue recently.

#2 Her Name

#2 Her Name

So this woman that you see in the picture cannot be a facebook user anymore. All because of her name. Facebook thought that her name is very inappropriate.

What do you think is her name that is considered to be inappropriate for other facebook users?

Keep reading ahead to know that.

#1 Her Name Is...

#1 Her Name Is...

This woman's name is Isis. ISIS does not need any introduction, as it stands for a terrorist organization and its full form is "Islamic State of Iraq & Syria".

Now this woman is really upset about this fact. Isis Anchalee says, "My father just thinks it's a shame that the name has been tarnished with the association. I still think it's beautiful."

Let us know what you think about this move by facebook in the comments section below.

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