Ever Wondered Why Bus Seats Have These Hideous Patterns On Them? Mystery Solved!

The Public Transport Seats have some Dirty Secrets within them. You Won't wanna find out...

#3 Public Transport

#3 Public Transport

Public Transport Vehicles are of great help if you don't own a vehicle of your own. But do you know that these Public transport seats have tons of secrets. Ever Wondered Why Bus Seats Have These Hideous Patterns On Them? Here we are about to solve that mystery for you.

Whenever I have the misfortune of stumbling into a particularly vintage public transport bus (or rather even a recent one), I feel glum the moment I step inside. The prime reasons being the unkempt interior and those gross patterns on these seats. It looks evidently very old fashioned. Wherever I go, I have always seen these stupid patterns. I never knew that they were actually meant for a purpose. A singular nasty one. Check out the next page to know more about this purpose...

#2 All That Glitters Is Not Gold

#2 All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Old styled seats aren't found only in public transports. You must have seen some beautiful patterned carpets in one of the older government buildings. Only when you put your foot roughly down that clouds of dust arrive from the inside of the rug. It seems the dirt had been allowed to settle there for decades.

You immediately recount the old saying "All that glitters is not gold" and hurry away from the irritating particles. Yes, that is more or less the case with bus seats also. Check out the video on the next page to know more...

#1 The Video

Trust me, after reading and watching this, you would never want to sit on that bus or a cab seat again. Believe it or not, the patterns on the seats of the buses are meant for exactly the same thing as in government offices. They are dirty. What may appear as a relatively cleaner seats also store huge quantities of dirt and filth? Check out the video below to know more...

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