Ever Tried To Steal A Rolls Royce Hood Accessory? Better Not Anymore!

Even for fun, do not touch the hood accessory. Because you will pay dearly!

#3 Rolls Royce

#3 Rolls Royce

You do not buy a Rolls Royce when you want to buy a 'car'! Rather when you buy a Rolls Royce you are buying a luxury product, its a status...a symbol of success and more often a reward for all the hard work one endures to get where they are.

And what Rolls Royce would be complete without that badass ornament called the 'Spirit of Ecstasy' sitting atop of its hood?

#2 Spirit Of Ecstasy

#2 Spirit Of Ecstasy

The 'Spirit Of Ecstasy' is the form of a woman leaning forwards with her arms outstretched behind and above her. Billowing cloth runs from her arms to her back, resembling wings.

And more often than not, this 'symbol'has been the target of numerous pranks and thefts. It doesn't help that it is hella costly to replace!

So, Rolls Royce in response to its customers' woes has come up with a mechanism to safeguard the 'Spirit Of Ecstasy'.

#1 The Safeguard Mechanism

#1 The Safeguard Mechanism

You might be wondering that since only rich people own Rolls Royce they can afford to buy a new winged ornament without batting an eyelash. But think again! This is Rolls Royce! Replacing the 'Spirit Of Ecstasy' costs on an average- $4,300 or even more! Just imagine how much it would add up to each time you had to replace this winged lassie when it got stolen!

So the solution is as seen above! Rolls Royce has come with a retractable mechanism that will suck the ornament into the hood if someone tries to tug at it or applies the slightest bit of pressure!

You have been warned.

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