Emergency Escape Tip That Could Save Your Life

Life Savior!

#2 Duct Tape

#2 Duct Tape

Although this is a very rare situation but what if you ever find yourself in a situation where your wrists are bound together by duct tape? What will you do? Is there a way out? There is in fact an easy way to escape in such a situation.

This is exactly what we are about to show you. Although we hope that this never happens with you but in case it does, do exactly what is shown in the video on the next page and you'll come out all fine and healthy...

#1 The Video

So here we will tell you a solution of the problem we mentioned on the previous page. The original clip from Dateline was taken off YouTube. It showed how to escape duct tape in a hostage situation. To escape, the journalist simply raised her hands, tied together with duct tape, over her head and brought them down quickly in front of her and used the extra force to break free. And surprisingly, it worked. So checkout this brilliant method in this video and let us know about your views regarding the same...

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