Don't Throw These Bags Again! When You'll See What They Can Do, You'll Keep Them Like A Gold

I threw away a lot of them *sobs*!

#3 The Silica Gel Packs

#3 The Silica Gel Packs

Whenever you buy a new pair of shoes or bags, you often get these silica gel packs inside it. And what do we do with it? We throw it away! However, if you've had this information earlier, you'd have never thrown it. It has incredible uses!

Check Ahead.

#2 The Uses Of Silica Bags

#2 The Uses Of Silica Bags

These bags are filled with Silicon dioxide which is an absolutely incredible drying agent. It can dry out almost anything. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself! Here are some of the best uses of silica packs.

1. Towel Cabinet
You can put these bags in the towel cabinet to avoid the towels from getting damp in the rainy season.

2. Car Windows
With silica gel packs kept inside the car, you would not face the problem of foggy windows in the car!

Keep reading ahead to know the best use of these packs.

#1 The Best Uses Of Dry Bags

#1 The Best Uses Of Dry Bags

3. Save Your Drowned Phone
If you have accidently drowned your phone, you can still save it by keeping it in silica bags.

4. Preserve The Old Photos
With time, the old photos start deteriorating, so keep 2-3 silica bags in the box containing these photographs to keep them new!

5. Increase the life your makeup and razor
Yes, even this is possible with silica bags. Keep them in the box containing makeup or plastic tray where you keep your razor blade to increase their life!

Aren't these uses just amazing!!

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