Dog walks by a parked car playing music. When he hears it? HILARIOUS!

Dog walks by a parked car playing music. When he hears it? HILARIOUS!

Dogs can really surprise us sometimes!

#3 Adorable Dogs

#3 Adorable Dogs

Dogs are one of the most incredible pets of all time. We find ourselves amused even when they're chewing toys or shaking hands or simply when they give you those innocent 'puppy eyes' stare!

But this dog finds a way to amuse you in a very different way.

Check what he does...

#2 Dancing Canine

#2 Dancing Canine

Have you ever seen a dog dance?
Well they look really cool doing it!

This little canine got close to a car and when it heard its blaring music, he started dancing! The dog couldn't resist but 'bounce' to the beats creating an entertaining moment.

Check out the video ahead of this funky dog showing its moves to the beats of the music...

#1 The Video

A bit of music and sufficient space is all he needs to do his 'bounce'

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