Doctors Thought She Was Going Crazy. Then They Asked Her To Draw A Clock And It Was Clear.

Everyone around Susnnah Cahalan was deeply saddened when it looked like the bright, young up-and coming journalist began suffering.

#3 Young Journalist

#3 Young Journalist

Susannah Cahalan, a young, bright journalist suffered strange experiences. Recounting those, she told a news paper agency that she was unable to control her emotions. She added," One moment I would be you know, kind of hysterically happy, and then the next moment I would be despondent."

This made her closed ones worried and so she was admitted to the hospital.

#2 She became more erratic.

#2 She became more erratic.

People beleived that she was suffering from an intense mental disorder and were saddened by this. She herself recounting her experience told, "I was, you know kicking and punching nurses, trying to escape. I believed you know, nurses were turning into people, and playing tricks on me. I was seeing things that weren’t there,"she said.

But it wasn't what people thought. Doctor Souhel Najjar thought there might be another cause of Cahalan’s erratic behavior and he added that it be cured since it was biological in nature.

Read ahead to find out what it was!

#1 The doctor diagnosed the problem

The doctor confirmed it with a test that her left part of the brain is damaged, but it was not due to some kind of brain injury. It was purely an IMMUNE SYSTEM DISORDER!

The doctor explained that it is caused by, "Disruption of the blood-brain barrier, which is essentially the wall between the periphery and the brain. It prevents harmful substances in the blood to enter into the brain"

With proper treatment, she is now cured and living a normal healthy life. Here is the video report about what she experienced. It is rather interesting to know about human brain and its abnormal functions at times. Watch out!

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