Do You Have Any Idea Why The Cabin Crew Members Always Have Their Arms Behind Their Backs?

This is why the cabin crew keeps their arms behind their backs...

#3 Ethics And Mannerism

#3 Ethics And Mannerism

Observing people can be really fun sometimes. No matter which part of the world you belong to, noting down the traits of people with different articulations is fun of a different kind. Especially because the mannerism and the belief of right and wrong varies from place to place. The only possible way to understand this is by the means of traveling.

I don't know if you ever observed or no but almost every single cabin crew member always keep their arms folded behind their backs when greeting passengers and when walking the aircraft cabin.

#2 An Important Rule?

#2 An Important Rule?

This is one custom of sorts that cabin crew members of almost all the flights follow. When doing so, they also don't appear to check that seat belts are fastened or that passenger's phones are turned off.

A little research hints that this in fact is one of the most important rule one has to follow to get into the cabin crew. There are 2 major reasons for this.

Keep reading ahead to know both these reasons.

#1 The Reasons

#1 The Reasons

So the first and rather important reason is that most of the cultures follow different set of greeting gestures.

While shaking hand directly with an unknown person is rude in a few cultures, people from other a few cultures might just get offended with any kind of direct body contact with an unknown person for whatever reasons. To avoid all these possibilities, cabin crew members are asked to fold their arms behind.

The second reason is a simpler one. Before take-off, the cabin crew need to count the number of passengers on board. This takes place either as they enter or when the passengers have all sat down. The cabin crew use a special counter to do this. Therefore, they have their arms behind their backs while doing this.

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