Deputies Responding To Frantic Call About Home Intruder 'Die Laughing' At Canine Suspect

The man made a frantic call when he heard strange noises..

#3 Deputies Got A Frantic Call

#3 Deputies Got A Frantic Call

It was a chilling night in the winters of October when the deputies at the emergency department got a frantic call from someone who claimed an intruder had broken into his house at night.

The man was so anxious and frightened of the weird noises that he dialed 911 almost immediately after hearing someone breaking into his house at the dark hours of the night!

#2 The Deputies Arrived At Home

#2 The Deputies Arrived At Home

Eventually, the police rushed to the concerned person's home and began searching for the signs of the intruder. All of them began searching inside the property for any signs of a break-in.

Since, it was dark, the deputies who were outside the house, began flashing torch lights to the windows to see if they can spot the intruder.

They finally managed to find him. Read on to know who the intruder was. It was so unbelievable even for the man himself.

#1 The Intruder Was His Own DOG

#1 The Intruder Was His Own DOG

Yes, the intruder was one of the dogs of the man. The home intruder was a goofy Great Dane! His other dogs were barking not because someone had broken into his house but because they can't find goofy.

The deputies burst laughing at the sight of the intruder. Well, they get such unexpectedly funny phone calls and this one makes no exception!

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