Dad Is Re-Watching Video Of Daughter's Birth When He Notices THIS and His Jaw Drops

This is a beautiful video and the observations this guy made in this video has surely made his life more beautiful.

#4 Recording The Childbirth

#4 Recording The Childbirth

There are tons of parents in this world who believe that recording their child's birth is actually lucky. Some do it just to relive the moments with their children in future whereas some do it just out of excitement.

Whatever the case is, recording the birth of his daughter totally worked in this guy's favour. He will cherish this moment even more for life now.

#3 Michael Jr.

#3 Michael Jr.

The man is a Christian comedian named Michael Jr. Being on stage is nothing new for him, and he is accustomed to being the centre of attention by those in the audience.

But this the time, the audience was his new born daughter. He didn't realised what he did for years until he saw this video.

Keep reading ahead to see what he observed.

#2 The Voice

#2 The Voice

There is something that his daughter enjoys about her father that he never really paid attention to until he looked at videos of her after she was born. When she would cry, Michael's voice would seem to soothe her and get her to stop.

Yes, Michael's voice worked as a soothing grace for his daughter. And he never realised this. So it turns out that it is not just his fans but even his daughter is in love with his voice.

#1 The Video

While in the hospital, his daughter would cry in the room. He would tell her he loves her, and that would make her stop. You'll see this beautiful scene in this video.

I think it is safe to say that Michael's daughter is his biggest and closest fan in this world. Checkout the video here.

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