Dad Furious After School Stamps Financial Info On His 8 Year Old's Arm

Why would any school authority do that?

#3 Dad Is Frustrated With School Authorities

#3 Dad Is Frustrated With School Authorities

Guardians send their kids to school for learning ethics and morality and to be a part of all kinds of fun activities. However, when they are involved in some kind of controversies, it becomes customary to get guardians assistance, hence, the school authority call them up to convey the behaviour of their children!

But what if the school brands the children and stamp the information on the child's skin!? Should the parents not feel frustrated about this?

#2 School's Branding Policy

#2 School's Branding Policy

Of course, any parent would feel that his child has been targeted and humiliated at the school where he must have been protected from all sorts of discriminations!

Nowadays, schools arrange fancy lunch for the kids for which they charge money from the parents when the account gets low, they had to inform the parents about it for which school adopts various methods. This school left various parents frustrated with their policy of stamping the kids with the low balance. They wrote, "I need lunch money" on the arms of the innocent kid which is absolutely worth being criticized! All of the other kids can see this stamp, leaving the stamp-barer an open target for bullies.

Even a news report has captured the entire incident. Go ahead to see the entire video !

#1 The Video Explains Everything

Even a news segment reported this incident as a cruel practice done by the school authorities to the little children. It is extremely unethical and even uncalled. Reportedly, this is not the first time such an incident had been reported. A school teacher had lost her job fighting against this policy of school!

Get further insights in the video underneath!

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