Dad Asks His Cockatoo If She Loves Him. Now Listen To This Bird's Hilarious Response

I NEVER Thought I'd See That Cockatoo React Like THIS. LOL.

#3 A Pebby Laugh.

#3 A Pebby Laugh.

Some conversations are just so adorable! This is surely one of them

This guy owns a beauty, a cockatoo, who sticks to his side, sharing love and laughter with her daddy. He has all her attention but goes crazy when asked how much she loves him.. Have a look.

#2 Kisses He Couldn't Miss.

#2 Kisses He Couldn't Miss.

While she gets all the pampering from her daddy, she doesn't forget to let him know she loves him too. The way she gives him kisses is just so adorable..the little oh-so-cute conversation that they have will melt your heart

Don't miss the video ahead..It's absolutely adorable!

#3 Signing Off Laughter.

The drama isn't over yet. After all those love moments, she jumps back to her form and laughs her way saying good bye, do not miss her crazy conversation..

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