DIY Plastic Bottle AIR CONDITIONER the Whole World is Talking About

A must know trick for upcoming summers...

#5 Extreme Everything

#5 Extreme Everything

The world is experiencing extreme things. Our beautiful planet is unfortunately not feeling safe anymore. Extreme cold in winters and extreme rainfall in rains has become a trend.

This makes the prediction of extreme heat in summers fairly easy.

#4 What To Do?

#4 What To Do?

Now that we know the summers are going to be extra cruel to us, what should we do? Install AC's? Not everyone can afford AC's you see. They don't come cheap.

Follow this DIY and make your own AC for cheap. Really really cheap.

Checkout the DIY ahead.

#3 Requirements

#3 Requirements

So what do you need to make this AC?

2 plastic bottles,

A Table fan.

A Cutter,

A Sharp object.

#2 Simple Needs?

#2 Simple Needs?

The requirements are pretty simple and cheap, right? So what are you waiting for? Checkout the video of this amazing DIY ahead and start working on your own self made AC right now. You are going to love this, people!

#1 The Video

Here's the video of this amazing DIY. Take a look, learn and then start working on it to fight the extra heat this summer.

Take a look...

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