Couple Drug Themselves to Build This IKEA Furniture, Look What Happens At The End.

This couple had gone one step ahead to build this IKEA furniture.

#3 In The Place Called House.

#3 In The Place Called House.

House is where you find shelter and home is where you settle each brick with love and build it with all the love, care, affection and lot of memories. Be it from choosing a crockery to curtains, interior to electronics, you do it all by your self. One of the most important things being the furniture. You put your best foot forward to get the finest of all. You're more comfortable to make it on your own.

Among all the furniture companies, we all know what Lego and IKEA are like. With structures to assemble that can be understood by a higher level psychopath or else you'll end up taking pills to soothe your senses.

This couple did something you and I can least imagine. Check out next.

#2 The Acid Effect.

#2 The Acid Effect.

This couple Nicole and Giancarlo is rejoicing over their new furniture but aren't sure what suits the best. the IKEA stuff is making them go tipsy topsy. They end up taking acids before they begin with assembling of their new furniture. But this wasn't the only thing they did. The entire time span from taking the acids till the assembling, was taped for uploading on YouTube.

Now doing something such great and not sharing with others in these days are equally offensive but then you gotta see what they end up doing with the unmade woods, next.

#1 The Show Time

They had ordered for a drawer but we're uncertain of where to begin from and ended up being drugged. The sedative effect, although, did had helped to a certain level. Nicole couldn't gather the consciousness and kept grinning and laughing most of the time and Giancarlo was,at times, busy exploring the scene out the window, feeling the breeze to blow his mind off.
By the end of couple of hours, they could somehow manage to complete the drawers. But I'd say you'll be losing out on the real fun if you skip th entire captured moments of this insane couple, below.

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