Child Left In Car On Hottest Day Of The Year While Mum Goes Shopping- Did She Deserve What Happened Next?

She returned back 40 minutes later!

#3 It was one of the hottest days of the year!

#3 It was one of the hottest days of the year!

With temperatures increasing over 30 degrees, it becomes completely unbearable to be out in sun!

But this mom in London thinks that it would be completely reasonable to leave her kid in the car while she went for shopping!

It's common sense that you leave absolutely nothing in the car on a hot day!

And she went ahead and left her kid anyway. For 40 minutes! Terrible! See what happens next then!

#2 She was at the mall...

#2 She was at the mall...

The mom parked the car in a disabled bay of Watersfield Shopping Centre in Watford where she moved out of the car, locked the doors and went away to shop. Her kid was inside the car in a car seat.

The shop's staff tried to contact her several times using the shop’s tannoy system.

Despite of repeated alarms, she returned back to the car 40 minutes later. Read ahead to know what happened to the kid in the meanwhile.

#1 The police intervened..

#1 The police intervened..

The car is nothing less of an oven on a hot day. Even if you parked it in the shade. Within an hour, the temperature inside the car can double itself. That makes it hard for breathing. Especially if there's little or no wind.

Strong words of advice were given to the woman.

That's all the mom got when she returned to the car. Where police had already arrived.

Do you think that was fine? Did she get what she deserved?

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