Check How This Dad 'Breastfed' His Baby Girl In The Absence Of Her Mother

This is the most creative and loving Dad in this world. At least this is what his actions suggest...

#3 Breastfeeding

#3 Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful feeling a mother can experience post delivery. It is such a wonderful natural process that only women get to experience. It plays such a powerful role in the bond between a mother and her baby that it's often hard for Dads to compete.

But this Dad decided to change the things for good. He did something which has possibly never happened before.

#2 Dad Breastfeeding

#2 Dad Breastfeeding

Chris Allen is possibly the first dad in the world to breastfeed his daughter. When his fiance had to go back to work, Chris decided to try "breastfeeding" their daughter on his own.

He recorded the entire act and later, the video was uploaded on Facebook and has received tons of views till date.

#1 The Video

This is one of the sweetest, cutest and most creative video you will ever see. People all around the world are loving this.

Checkout the video here and let us know your views regarding the same.

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