Check How Teen Boys Helped A Blonde When She Needed It The Most

Thanks to these teen boys, someone's life is safe now. Checkout the entire incident...

#3 A Simple Checking Out Session

#3 A Simple Checking Out Session

Teenage years are unforgettable. Things that we do and memories that we make in that age stay with us forever. And specially if you do something like what Aaron and Jamal did, people around you will not let you forget things.

Aaron, age 19, and Jamal, 17, are two best friends from Seagoville, Texas. They were driving through Kaufman County, Texas- near Dallas- when they noticed a good looking woman in the backseat of a car.

#2 The Incident

#2 The Incident

Both these boys were checking out the blonde who was sitting on the backseat of the car. They pulled up to her car, and instantly felt that something was off. The woman appeared to be mouthing the words, "Help me."

They immediately called 911. "I'm on the highway. I'm witnessing a robbery. Not a robbery, a kidnapping." said Aaron in his 911 call. What happened next is even better.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened next.

#1 The Video

#1 The Video

The friends kept following the car until the cops arrived. They made sure that they don't let the car disappear from their vision. Ultimately the cops arrived and took the charge of the situation.

It turns out, the 25-year-old woman had been leaving an office party in Downtown Dallas when 37-year-old Charles Atkins Lewis kidnapped her at gunpoint, forcing her into his car and driving off. Checkout the video below of this entire incident.

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