Caught On Camera! Fitness Fanatic 'SNAPS HIS SPINE' When Performing A Dead-Lift!

Oh..My....GOD! Have you looked at that X-ray?! How is that even possible?

#5 Fitness Fanatics

#5 Fitness Fanatics

Appearances matter! Yes, they do.

As much as inner beauty and all that stuff matters, it is important to look a certain way as well. Because first impressions these days are absolutely lethal.

So, who can blame the ones who try to look better?

And for most of us out there struggling with a body image, gyms are the first place we find ourselves in. Healthy and fit are two very important and valuable things in life.

#4 Hazards

#4 Hazards

No place is safe these days(anyone else just think of the Final Destination series?)

There are enough dangers out there without us trying to mess things up even further. And here's one such bone-chilling scenario that will the scare the living daylights out of you!

Gyms are the places we push our body to its limits. But what we don't realize is that there's limit to that limit as well.

#3 Spine

#3 Spine

Over a week ago, a video emerged on the internet of a fitness fanatic who broke his spine into half while dead lifting. Yup. That's right folks...into half....his freakin' spine!!!


The video starts with the guy lifting a hefty barbell off the ground(look at the weights on those things!) and drops it suddenly, his face contorted in pain before falling to the ground.

Have a look at the X-ray! Keep on reading!

#2 X-ray

#2 X-ray

Sweet mother of god! The things people manage to get themselves into nowadays!

In the image, you will see that in the spine one of the vertebrae is sheared off.

This X-ray picture appeared soon after the video became an internet sensation saying that this was the man's spine's x-ray.

Though the footage seems to be from a gym CCTV, people have expressed doubts over its authenticity.

#1 Video

One person comments, "Seriously if he sheared his spine like that he would die right there -he passed out."

People even commented on the X-ray saying, "That's neither Xray, CT, nor MRI. Just someones artistic expression. Look at the lumbar part of the spine shifting backwards in the 'X-ray', yet he falls on his back, that just doesn't make sense. If anything, that vertebrae would slide forward, not backwards if the point of impact was that crushed vertebrae."
Watch the video and judge for yourself!

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