Can You Spot The Reason Why This Photo Of The Family Sitting On A Swing Has Been Going Viral?

That's really spooky!

What do you see in this picture? A happy family sitting on the swing and enjoying their day out! Isn't that what you have also observed? Well, certainly!

Will you believe me if I say that the last picture you saw has gone viral on the web for spooky reasons? Yes, certainly!

Adults often do not have an eye for the detail but just show the image to your child and ask them what's wrong with the picture, they'll catch it instantly!

Read on to know the secret spooky detail hidden in the image!

If you just can’t stare at the photo any longer, let me just point it for you, then here is a hint..whose arm is wrapped around the little girl on the far left? Clearly, it’s not her older sister’s hand, as that girl has both of her arms resting on her lap. And it’s not her mum because her arms are both holding the baby.

Well, to explain it, people had different theories:

“The older girl beside mom was Photoshopped in. The hand belongs to mom.”

“The children at the end should be in the middle of mom and dad.”

But who knows what the truth is!

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