Can You Solve This Tricky Math Equation?

Prove the world that your are a genius...

#3 Maths

#3 Maths

Till date we've brought tons of tricky Maths problems for you to solve. But here, this problem is different. The reason this problem is different is because it has 2 popular answers with equal amount of votes.

In a few countries, it is important to know how to solve these type of Maths problems to claim your lottery or game show prize.

#2 The Question

#2 The Question

So this is the question that we want you to solve and get to a conclusion. Just so that you know, 1 and 7 are the popular public choices here. Read the question properly again.

Now try and recollect your maths lessons in school and try and come up with a solution.

Keep reading ahead to know the answer.

#1 The Video

This mathematical equation has made its rounds on the internet, and a lot of people have debated the correct answer. The video that we are about to show you will tell you the correct answer of this brain teaser.

Checkout the video and the correct answer here.

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