CCTV Footage Reveals Mom Carrying Dead Body Onto The Bus As Her Boyfriend Gives Her A Thumbs Up

That broke my heart into pieces!

Mothers are protectors of the baby. They always ensure that no one harms their child in any which way. But what when those who are supposed to care for the child brings them harm? Isn't it even more devastating to hear such things happening in today's world?

Just imagine a nurse or a doctor who's supposed to cure someone actually takes a toll on the life of someone or the police who's known for safeguarding the public brings the public harm by exploiting their power. It is surely the most heartbreaking thing that can ever happen!

25-year-old mother Rosalin Baker entered a bus with her child wrapped to her chest. As 20 minutes passed, she did something that left everybody stunned.

After remaining calm for about 20 minutes on the bus, she suddenly started crying for her "suddenly dead baby". But the complete truth about the baby left everybody stunned!

Read on to know what happened next!

In reality, the CCTV of the bus recorded her entering with the dead baby. Moreover, the 16-week old girl, Imani, had already been dead hours prior due to a fractured skull and subsequent brain injuries. Even the little girl’s wrist was broken from being twisted and she suffered more than 40 rib fractures. Her parents had shoved her tiny body into a cramped bedsit.

Go ahead to know how the jury decided to punish them!

People have told that this mum didn't react till 20 minutes as she was busy texting someone. Even when the passengers on board were trying to revive the baby, she was cold towards her own baby.

Next, she claimed that Wiltshire, who is the father of the baby, was the cause of the baby’s horrific death and he also beat her regularly. She even admitted that Wiltshire had forced her onto the bus in an effort to ‘frame’ her. Check out the video

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