WATCH: Bull With Flaming Horns Destroys Idiot Who Taunts It.

Of all the places in the world to do something incredibly stupid, being in the middle of an enclosed arena whilst stood opposite a severely pissed off bull!

#3 Insanity At The Utmost.

#3 Insanity At The Utmost.

Trying something different has always been one and all's desire at some of life but quiet often, people mis-conceptualize different with stupidity and risk their life.

This is what this guy is about to do! The worst a man can do is to flaunt what he has not got! And this guy is all about that

#2 Don't Mess With Him !

#2 Don't Mess With Him !

This guy, standing strongly infront of the bull with horns set on fire, doing over with his confidence taunts this already pissed massive creature.

The guy gets something for the lifetime in return! Check the entire video ahead.

#1 Choose Your Life Over Absurdity.

The moment the guy walks up the stairs, this huge mammal runs even faster and shows him what it is to piss him off. Check out..

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