Brother Shares Photo Of His Sister's Transformation After 90 Days Clean

Drug abuse is the worst thing that can happen to you!

#3 The Redditor's Fight Against Drug

#3 The Redditor's Fight Against Drug

This all started when the brother of this girl posted a photo of his sister with the caption, "Inspired by another Redditor, I present to you my sister. 90 Days Meth Free.". The post got both positive and negative reviews. While some people were appreciating the struggle that she went through, others find the post a bit too outrageous because the brother revealed some of the very personal things in public!

However, her fight against meth is something that should be treated as an inspiration for all! She herself acknowledges and says that everyone must know how badly can it effect your body!

#2 How Meth Affects The Body

#2 How Meth Affects The Body

The affect of this harsh drug is severe. It affects almost all the parts of the body, from brain to mouth to heart and liver, almost all the important organs are susceptible to the harsh reactions of the drug.

The girl suffered all of it and even confessed by saying that "I didn’t e'en realise how disgusting I looked while I was using until after I got clean and realised how awful I looked. I just remember seeing others going about their normal lives wondering if I would ever have the ability to live a serene life clean and free of meth-anyone who has been addicted knows exactly what I mean by that. I truly wish the best for anyone trying to beat this nasty addiction…and just know there IS a light at the end of the tunnel."

Want to know how she looks after being 90 days clean? Read on to know!

#1 She looks like this now

#1 She looks like this now

Here's her! Happy, young and beautiful! Sometimes, we don't even realize what are we putting ourselves into, but we should!

Meth is dangerously harmful because the pleasure experienced by users is so intense and euphoric. It tends the brain into producing a sudden surge of the hormone dopamine, the pleasure hormone, causing an incredible sensation of bliss. Though the pleasure centers can heal over time, but the damage to users' cognitive abilities is permanent and debilitating.

Thus, the intake of meth should be strictly avoided!

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