Brazil Has Given The World Its First S*x Themed Amusement Park And Kids Are Not Invited!

Once you know what is inside, you'll go crazy. Take a look...

#3 The New Brazilian Park

#3 The New Brazilian Park

Now this is a piece of information that each and every single adult in this world should be excited about. In a bid to out-do Japan and Japanese s*x dolls, a Brazilian businessman is all set to launch his own S*x Themed Amusement Park.

The name of this park will be Erotika Land and will be open for all the adults all around the world.

#2 The Opening

#2 The Opening

The main people behind this entire project are businessman Paulo Meirelle with his business partners Soft Love and Erotika Fair. They claim that the park will be opened for public by 2017.

It's not about when will the park open, it is about what will it consist of? Trust me, you'll go mad after reading what will it have inside.

Keep reading ahead to know that.

#1 What Will It Have

#1 What Will It Have

So brace yourself for the things you will get to experience in this one of its kind park.

1- A hotel where you can stay overnight and have....well, that!
2- A Nud*st Pool because that is what the park is all about.
3- A Ferris Wheel with seating booths which utilize one way glass so you can enjoy the view while you do whatever you want to do...
4- A 7D cinema hall with vibrating seats for a 'complete' cinematic experience.
5- An Ero*ic Museum in case you aren't done with all the nud*ty.
6- A Train of Pleasures with go-go boys and girls instead of zombies and ghosts.
7- And finally, ero*ic games in the fashion of Playland.

By the looks of it, this place will always be full !

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