Bizarre Hole Formed In This Lake, So Someone Flew A Drone Inside And Captured This Footage

This is a must watch footage...

#5 Californian Drought!

#5 Californian Drought!

The drought in California has been a very bad one in lightest and loosest of terms. It has put a lot of loves in danger. But then, at the same time, our world is a pretty antic place to survive in.

A favorite Napa Valley water attraction has awoken from a long, drought-induced sleep. Its "Glory Hole" as it's commonly called, is spilling over for the first time in 10 years.

#4 Glory Hole

#4 Glory Hole

All of us know that Glory Hole isn't that lovely or glorious all the time. In 1995, a woman from Davis, California named Emily Schwalen was caught in the spillway and tragically died.

And therefore, swimming is not permitted anymore in the lake and thankfully, this glory hole hasn't claimed anymore lives. But now something amazing has happened.

#3 The Overflowing Hole

#3 The Overflowing Hole

In this recent drought, people were excited to see the Glory Hole overflowing once again. Every time, the lake rises 15 feet above the level of the Glory Hole's giant funnel, the hole overflows.

And that sight is amazing in case you had any doubts. The spillway drains a whopping 48,400 cubic feet of water per second.

Keep reading ahead to see what.

#2 The Spillway

#2 The Spillway

Right now, the spillway is active and therefore, people using drones to get a closer view of the water without actually going in it. And trust me the view is an absolute delight.

We have that video for you and you will simply love it!

Check out the video ahead.

#1 The Video

This video is amazing. You need to check this out. It indeed looks like Like Going Through A Black Hole. I am simply in love with this video and so will be you!

Here's the video.

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