Best Thing Ever To Happen To A Racist Man In A Bar. This Is Priceless...

You get what you deserve. Karma!

#4 Racism

#4 Racism

The most satisfying social moments are the ones where a person gets back exactly what he deserves. No matter how much we claim but racism exists and EXISTS REAL HARD in our society.

This is a story of a man who was very racist but in the end, got what he actually deserved perfectly.

Keep reading ahead to see the entire story.

#3 The Story

#3 The Story

So this story is actually set in a bar. So this man enters this very lavish bar. He looks around and sees a black man sitting in a corner. His expressions change within seconds.

So this guy walks to the bar and announces, "I'm going to buy everyone in this bar a free drink, except for that black guy over there!" Everybody is clapping and cheering for the racist and when he buys the last pint, the black man turns around, puts his thumb up and says, "Thanks mate!"

Shocked by the reply? Keep reading ahead to see the entire story.

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