Are You Afraid Of Flying? You Should Not Watch This. OMG

No words to describe this.

#2 Plane

#2 Plane

Have you ever traveled in a plane? Travelling in the air has a different experience all together. While flying, you are completely at the mercy of air and the pilots. But still, flying is fun compared to travelling in a car. Ohhhh wait, is it really the best experience?

Crosswinds always pose a problem for pilots. Most of the plane crashes occur due to this crosswind. We hope that you never get to experience a journey in a plane that suffers a blow form crosswinds. Check out what these crosswinds can do to a plane in a video on the next page...

#1 The Video

Talking about the crosswinds affecting a flight, it disturbs the balance of the plane. Every time I board an airplane, I'm terrified that something is going to happen. But then I remember that an airplane weighs a few tons and traveling by plane is safer than by car. But strong winds can easily effect the very heavy body of plane too.

Those crosswinds are enough to make me never want to fly again. Even you'll say the same. Check out the video. Also tell us your most horrifying experience in a flight and why by commenting below. Take a look...

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