An Office Worker Somehow Managed To Take Six Years Of Sick Leave Without Anyone Noticing

This man is a genius. He is my new spirit animal. Take a look.

#3 Fake Illness

#3 Fake Illness

How long can you fake your sickness from your boss? A week? Not more than couple of weeks for sure. Even 2 weeks counts as a very impressive tenure to fake your sickness from your office members.

But anything more than 2 weeks is genius. What about 6 years? Yes, a Spanish man faked his illness for almost 6 years.

You'll be inspired in a funny way after reading this entire story ahead. Take a look.

#2 Mr. Garcia, The Genius

#2 Mr. Garcia, The Genius

The guy that we are talking about is Mr. Garcia. This genius faked his illness and was able to skip his work for almost 6 years. Yes, 6 Long years.

Garcia worked at a water company in the city of Cadiz. He collected a whooping ($41,500) as a salary just to supervise the building which by the way the court found hadn't been happening for "at least six years."

The strangest part of this story is yet to come.

Keep reading ahead to know the strangest part of this story.

#1 The Strangest Part

#1 The Strangest Part

The weirdest part of this story is that Mr. Garcia was absent for almost 6 years but no one in the office ever noticed his absence. In fact, even the boss of the water company had not noticed Garcia's absence despite their offices being directly opposite to each other.

Garcia kept his point by saying that he had been a victim of political bullying in the job. But since he was over 60 years old, he was reluctant to report it because he was worried that he would not get another job anywhere.

His absence was finally noticed when he became due to receive a plaque for 20 years service.

It is kind of funny that incidents like this are also a part of our busy society. Strange but funny!

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