An Accident Gives Rise To A Battery That Will Last Forever

Sometimes, accidents aren't that bad. Like in this case. Take a look...

#3 An Accidental Discovery

#3 An Accidental Discovery

Some of the most useful things like a Champagne, a Kitchen Microwave, Corn Flakes, Penicillin etc were discovered accidentally. Another thing that can be added in this list is the Never ending Ultra-Long battery.

So a team of researchers at the University of California Irvine accidentally discovered the never ending battery. Wanna know more?

#2 The Newly Discovered Battery

#2 The Newly Discovered Battery

To explain you better about this, let's just say that the average laptop battery lasts for 1,000 charge cycles. Now if the same Laptop had the newly discovered battery, it would easily last for 400 years (if 1,000 cycles = two years, 200,000 cycles = 400 years).

The story behind the discovery of this battery is very interesting. How exactly do you think this accident happened?

Keep reading ahead to know that.

#1 The Accident

#1 The Accident

So all this happened when UCI doctoral candidate Mya Le Thai "was playing around" in the lab and coated a set of gold nanowires in manganese dioxide, then applied a "Plexiglas-like" electrolyte gel.

Now generally, most of the batteries are useless after no more than 8,000 charge cycles because their fragility causes them to crack during charge and discharge loads. But the researchers found the nanowires in Thai's gel-coated battery still intact. They suspect that the gel "plasticizes the metal oxide in the battery," imbuing the nanowires with flexibility, which equals longevity. All I can say is that this can be a huge breakthrough in the world of batteries in near future.

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