Amazing New 'Don't Text And Drive' Ad Will Leave You Shaking! This Is Why You Don't Text And Drive

This Is Why You Don't Text And Drive.

#3 It can wait

#3 It can wait

The world has become fast paced with the advent of newer technologies. But what we often fail to recognize is the straight fact that with the fast-paced culture, also comes a responsibility, a responsibility towards self!

In the contemporary world, texting and driving has been a cause of nearly half of the road accidents. According to a survey, you're 23 times more likely to car crash, if you choose to text and drive!

The breathtaking and extremely heart breaking video in the last section is the most convincing reason NOT to text and drive..

#2 For The Sake Of Your Life.

#2 For The Sake Of Your Life.

In all the cases, a mobile phone is a severe diversion while on the roads and one should totally avoid it. The video begins with two people walking out of their homes to head on to their respective destinations..

But the moment you see them completely engrossed in their mobile phones while driving, you already know what might happen next..but it's much more than you'd have expected

Though you might already know what's in the video, watch it to be totally convinced that everything else can wait a bit but accidents can't. See the entire video in the next section..

#1 Anything Can Be Delayed But Life !

This ad is a warning to one and all about the loss you may face while you get too much associated with that small piece of technology when you're driving. It's not just an ad but a reality that might happen to you. A little awareness can save many lives.

Thus, keep Your eyes on the road and not on the phone.. Check the full video below.

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