When This Girl Pours A Bottle Of Water Over The Hoover Dam, Something Strange Happened

A local woman in the US reached over the edge of the Hoover Dam to dump water out of a bottle, and what happened totally blew her away.

#5 Amazing Landmark in the US

#5 Amazing Landmark in the US

Every state is known to have a landmark which makes it stand out. Tourists following their bucket lists reach out to these sites to check out the traditions there.

The local woman in the US reached to the edge of the Hoover Dam, in the US to dump water out of her bottle, and to her curiosity what happened totally blew her (and everyone else) away.

#4 Let’s catch up...

#4 Let’s catch up...

This attractive landmark in the United States pumps out a huge amount of water on the border of Arizona and Nevada.

Could you see how the stream of the water is behaving?

No, it’s just coming down your way.

#3 Can you believe it?

#3 Can you believe it?

The stream of water is just absurd and beyond our imagination.

Did we ever think that nature can also teach us a lesson to not waste water, that too in such a technically sound way?

The Hoover Dam is a modern engineering marvel and it’s difficult to grasp how powerful it is.

Read on to know the mechanism.

#2 The underlying principle

#2 The underlying principle


This effect is due to the unique structure of the Hoover Dam which creates a powerful upward draft that it defies gravity and lifts the water.

Cool, Right?

#1 Check out the video

You’ll surely want to try it after seeing the video.

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