All You Need Is One Tea Bag And You Will Never See Mice Or Spiders In Your House Again

As the weather gets cold, they'll be making appearances!

#3 Rodents and Insects

#3 Rodents and Insects

Rodents and insects are the dark sides of winters. As the winter gets worse, these insects are crawling in the houses. They are not only creepy but also affect the health of the residents of the same!

But with this one ingredient quick hack, you can escape these rodents and insects!

#2 The Hack- Tea Bags

#2 The Hack- Tea Bags

The magic element in the tea that does the trick is Peppermint, all you have to do is brew the tea and leave the bag in the room where the spiders or mice are. The best place to keep these kinds of tea bags is the corner of the rooms!

You can also use peppermint oils with water to spray in the room. The results can be seen just instantly

Need to know such tricks, go ahead to check out the video!

#1 Watch the video here

Here are some more best tips for keeping spiders out of your home! Try them out and let us know if they helped you!

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