All She Wanted To Do Was Send Her Boyfriend A Hot Selfie....But This Happens

Tell me have you ever played the selfie game?

#5 Selfies

If you don't know what a 'selfie' means you are either a ghost or have been living under a rock(a BIG rock in outer space.)

If there ever was a generation that was totally the start and birth of the 'selfie craze', ours would be it. We have finally reached a stage where photos are no longer about others or the ones we care about. It's all about more us.


#4 Good and Bad

While selfies by themselves aren't that bad or's the people's obsession with it that makes it so disturbing. Do you really need to put yourself in every picture you take? Do you need to take a picture in the restroom with your private stuff on display? So many question!


#3 But more importantly...

Let me ask you...are you crazy about selfies? Are you the sort that has your entire phone's memory dominated by your presence? You do? You don't? Well, never mind. But this video you are going to watch is for everyone who has ever taken a selfie.

Do you have what it takes to watch it?


#2 She

The video starts out pretty normal. A girl is talking to her boyfriend and after she hangs up, she decides to give him a little treat by sending him a sexy hot selfie of her. She lowers her top and does what we all have a done....gets a good angle for the shot and clicks one. But when she looks at it.....nothing is ever the same!


#1 Thesis

This video was made by Meelah Adams, a 24-year-old student in Cologne, Germany. This scary little number had no budget at all and was made with the purpose of backing up her thesis of viral media. And? It was a sensational success with over 9 million people viewing it!

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