After A Lifetime Of Pain And Bullying, Boy With Unusually Long Neck Ready For Surgery

He was born with congenital scoliosis..

#3 Sometimes He Looks Normal

#3 Sometimes He Looks Normal

We are not all same, sometimes, we are born with certain differences in our physical appearances, sometimes we make ourselves different by artificial implications.

Meet Fu Wengui. This boy looks normal from some angles, but he is not. He has abnormally long neck which is why he is often bullied.

But it is not his fault. He has born with this abnormality and doctor's are trying their best to fix the problem..

#2 Doctors Suggests Surgery

#2 Doctors Suggests Surgery

Fu has abnormally long neck and doctors have already diagnosed the reason. Well, the average person has about seven vertebrae inside the neck. They are the bone structure which protect the spine and the linkage to the brain.

However, in Fu’s case, it is a bit different, he has ten of them, which means he has three extra vertebrae which is why he has an abnormally long neck.

Want to get a clear picture of it? You can do so by scanning the images and going through video in the next section.

#1 Doctors Will Perform The Surgery

Doctors are hoping that the surgery will fix the problem. During his childhood, he was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis. It was then when the doctors actually discovered the three extra bones in his neck.

Doctors are confident that, with surgery, they can give the boy something close to a normal neck. Let us all hope for the successful surgery. See video for more details in the case.

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