A boy rams his shopping cart into this man's legs three times. What the camera catches at 0.22 is a hard lesson

Revenge is sweet!

#3 Kid's at Supermarket

#3 Kid's at Supermarket

Sometimes. kids at the supermarket can be really annoying and when their parents are busy with their own stuff, the kids often get uncontrollable and extremely irritating.

Something similar happened to this man who reacted in a rather surprising way! The camera recorded everything and soon the video clip went viral for all right reasons!

#2 The Shopping Cart

#2 The Shopping Cart

This little boy was ramming his shopping cart into the man's legs continuously. For a few minutes, the man ignored it, considering that the child was too small to do it intentionally! But soon, he had to interrupt the child's mom to complain as he's was unstoppable.

So, this man does something even more childish to stop him! Well, what options does he have! Read on to know what he did the third time the kid went on ramming his shopping cart!

#1 I Can't Stop Laughing

This man takes the milk carton from the boy's shopping cart, opens it up and what's next? Well, he pours it on the little boy, the naughty smirk from the kid's face quickly goes away. And now, even his mother has his attention, he picks him up and storms out of the store!

Check out the video!

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