A Man Got Brutally Killed In Daylight By A Hitman In Front Of His Wife

Terrified - goosebumps - I'm sure this piece of news will leave your hair to stand out on the skin.

It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day (officially Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.). It is an American federal holiday which marks the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. It is observed on the third Monday of January each year. The holiday is similar to other holidays set under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

The idea of Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday was promoted by labour unions in contract negotiations.

On this day in the bright daylight of Florida, a man was ruthlessly shot by a killer on the main road.

The local Florida Police are all set on their feet in search of this cold-blooded killer who repeatedly shot the man. Police are also looking for a 2010 blue Nissan Altima sedan with dark-tinted windows that bears Florida license plate EZX F13.

The reports suggest that the man who was killed was 34-year-old Gary Wallock who could be seen walking out of the market, alongside his girlfriend.

According to police, they have other angles of surveillance video which shows a man allegedly lurking on the other side of the store, waiting for the couple.

In one video angle, it shows the shooter playing with his phone or texting before crouching down beside an SUV.

Going towards their car, both of them started putting their purchased items which were in plastic shopping bags together.

Meanwhile, a man in an orange T-shirt and baseball cap is seen lurking behind a silver SUV, seemingly playing on his cellphone.

When he spots Wallock and his girlfriend standing next to their car, the man in the red shirt sprints toward the couple, pulls out a gun and opens fire.

Read on to know what happened next!

The gunman crouched next to a minivan parked around a building from Wallock’s car, then sprinted toward Wallock.

The killer extended his gun arm and fired at Wallock’s head. That shot might have missed Wallock. The second shot near mid torso also might have missed. But Wallock collapsed as he started to run to his left, leaving him down and defenceless outside the driver-side door. The killer shot enough to kill Wallock. Then he fired more shots into him.

According to police, the gunman fired at least 25 rounds at Wallock at a point-blank range, 13 of which hit the target.

The victim’s panic-stricken girlfriend flees in terror. As the woman runs away, the killer turns the gun in her direction and squeezes out several rounds, but misses.

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