A Kid Jumped Into A Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank, And It Ended Very Badly

It is not necessary to try every other silly Internet trend!

The worst side of Internet is that it unnecessary hypes the silly pranks so much so that innocent teens, in order to get a little share of fame from his peers, tries the most self-destructive actions that leave him in a lot of trouble!

The content on the social media should be regulated in such a way that such kind of life-threatening stunts should be kept away from the teens who can get influenced by it

The teens get obsessed with such dubious trends and harm themselves in the process.

One of such crazy prank which is least entertaining and a lot riskier is the one that this teen tries only to get a lesson for life

When this Colorado teen jumped from the 30-foot ledge on Saturday, he ended up going viral. And for all the wrong reasons! Read on to know what happened to him after he jumped into the fish tank!

Seriously, I cannot think of a single good reason than utter foolishness for why anyone would risk their life jumping in a fish tank. Such large fish tanks can be found at the Brass Pro Shops

As this guy jumps from the 30-foot ledge, he cracked open his skull in the process and was immediately taken to the hospital. While most people feel that since he had already injured himself, he should not be dealt legally, but the authorities of Brass Pro Shops and many other people feel opposite.

Go ahead to check the crazy video!

Such crazy pranks should be really dealt strictly to ensure that no teen indulges in such kind of self-destructive pranks just to follow the trend. Here's the video!

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