A Dog Tragically Died While Saving His Family From 4 Poisonous Snakes. Here's His Story

It broke my heart!

#3 The Most Faithful Best Friend

#3 The Most Faithful Best Friend

Dogs are really great at keeping you safe from anything that might come your way! They will fight for you til the last, even if doing such a thing proves harmful to them!

This is one such story! Dibakar Raita along with eight other members of his family, from the village of Sebekapur were sleeping peacefully when their faithful dog was having a hard time protecting them from an impending danger!

#2 The Poisonous Snakes

#2 The Poisonous Snakes

While the family was sleeping inside the house peacefully, around midnight four mountain cobras tried to enter the house. But they were stopped!

The doberman was protecting his loving family fought with these four cobras outside the house and no one from the family got to know about it!

But, what finally happened would take you by surprise! Read on to know about it!

#1 The Dog Had To Give Upon His Life

#1 The Dog Had To Give Upon His Life

While the brave dog killed all four snakes, but he was infected with the poison of the four snakes that killed him!

The fight among them was a long one, they fought for good number of hours until the dog killed all of them, but unfortunately the wounds and the poison killed him too!

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