A Camera Caught This Terrifying Creature In The Deep Ocean. Now I'm Never Sleeping Again!

Don't Watch This Alone!!!OMG

#2 The Ocean

#2 The Ocean

The world we live in is a beautiful and mysterious place. New creatures and elements are discovered all the time. One of the greatest abilities we can gain in life is the ability to discover something new. New things remind you that everything is changing, nothing remains constant. The bad times will change.

One such mysterious and ever changing aspect of life and nature is the ocean. The ocean was where all life on earth began. Even today human beings cannot survive without water. But the ocean can just as easily be a dark and scary place.What are we talking about? Watch this video on the next page to discover something you have never seen before.

#1 Watch This

This video shows footage that captured a sea creature so terrifying you may not want to watch this alone. A remote camera caught the creature and viewers have been speculating what it could be. Some have guessed it is a type of jellyfish called Deepstaria enigmatica, and others are convinced it's an alien from another world. Either way, this creature is giving me the mad chills. What do you think it could be? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below.

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