8 Parents Share The Darkest And Creepiest Thing Their Kid Has Ever Told Them

Kids said these?!

#8 Sick

So, her cousin was two when the mother got pregnant again. Little girl goes to hug her mother's tummy one day and says "Little brother sick". The mother had a miscarriage a few weeks later.


#7 Kill

Imagine if you had a 6-year old daughter sitting in the passenger seat who suddenly says, "Dad, when I'm seven I'm going to kill you. No wait, when I'm eight." To which you, out of curiosity you ask how. And she replies..."I'm gonna drive over your head with this car."


#6 Fingers

Mom's giving a little girl her bath. She's laughing and playing, when she suddenly goes quiet, looks the mother straight in the eye and says in a sotto voice, "Mummy, if you bit and ate all my fingers off I wouldn't love you anymore."


#5 Dinner

4-year-old after dinner turns to his father and says, "Daddy, I want to drill into your tummy, crawl inside and eat your dinner."


#4 Old

Parent is teaching the son how to grow potatoes and telling about how you bank up the earth around them as they grow, when the kid suddenly says, "I used to do that when I was an old man."


#3 Dreams

Mom is sleeping with her four-year-old when the kids turns to her and says, "Mummy when you were sleeping, I woke up and there was a ghost with no face standing over you touching your arm, it was taking your dreams out of your body with its mouth."


#2 Odd

Mom says her kid talks about odd stuff every now and then. One day, when he is about 8-years-old, mom is telling how much she loves him and is grateful to have him in our life when he suddenly says, "I didn't choose this life. I couldn't control how it began. But I can control how it ends."


#1 Thoughts

When their dog died, without them yet having properly attempted to explain death, their then two year old said, "All her thoughts left her body."


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