8 Noteworthy Facts About Sweden That Prove It’s Not Like Other Countries

Sweden is one of the best countries to live in and there are multiple reasons for that. We have managed to note down 8 of them here and trust us, this is worth your time. You need to check this out and you'll fall in love with Sweden!

Samboende, sarbo, iblandbo

Samboende, sarbo, iblandbo

So understand the type of couples in Sweden. Samboende are the ones who live together and has a common household. Sarbos are the ones who doesn’t live together, but is in a long-term relationship and prefers to spend their holidays and weekends together and Ibandbos are the ones who live together from time to time. Ever heard of something like this anywhere else?

Love for an unusual pizza

Love for an unusual pizza

Swedish people love the most unusual pizzas out there. The most famous Pizza in Sweden is kebab pizza which is topped with skewered meat and a special sauce. You can also try pizza with bananas on it at pizzerias across Sweden. Crazy!

Carnival games

Wanna know more about your shooting skills? Well, in that case, you should participate in the Swedish carnival game of throwing herrings into a barrel. here, you also stand a chance of winning a stuffed fish!

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My new favorite carnival game, the barrel herring toss. #onlyinsweden

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Cashless payments

Not using a lot of cash has somewhat became a trend in the recent years. In fact, even public toilets accept payment in credit cards.

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Only in Sweden 😂 Access to public restroom only by swiping a credit card 😳 #stockholm #onlyinsweden #haventseenthatbefore #allytravels

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Disciplined People!

Disciplined People!

This is a line where people are waiting for the bus. Look at the discipline of people here!


Fika is a coffee break during the day. It’s an extremely important part of the Swedish lifestyle. Swedish people love their coffee and cake and no one can love without it!

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Ben de yine evimdeyim işte pazartesi sendromu da neymiş di mi esra? ❄️ #scandinavian #kitchen #kladkaka @fikamoda . ❄️❄️🌲🌲🌲 #coffee #coffeetime #christmastree #coffee_inst #instagram #photooftheday #like4likes #instagood #coffeein #coffeeaddict #fika #fikaswedishkitchen #now #happiness #thankyou

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A hotel that is rebuilt every year

The first ice hotel in the world is located in Sweden and it’s rebuilt annually from December to April. So no matter how many times you go there, it is always new!

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Pink skies ahead 💖 What are your plans this spring? ICEHOTEL #28 is open until April 15, so there is still plenty of time to experience this winter season ❄️❄️❄️ ____________________________ Photo: @asafkliger #icehotelsweden #icehotel #icehotel28 #sweden #visitsweden #swedishlapland #iceart #interiordesign #travelgram

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Eco Friendly!

If you want to know what it’s like to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, you need to book a trip to Sweden as soon as possible. This country is as Eco friendly as it can get!

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Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) are found all around the northern parts of the world - in tundra, boreal and montane regions. In Eurasia, humans have partially domesticated reindeer herds since the Bronze Age. #abovethetreeline #northernsweden #swedishwildlife #wildlife #reindeer #lapland #västerbotten #vindelfjällen #vindelfjällensnaturreservat #sweden #swedennature #swedishecology #wildlifephotography #reindeerofinstagram #hiking #hikingadventures #animalphotography #wildlifemanagersonholiday #wildlifebiologistsonholiday #outdoors #outdoorwomen #outdorphins #explore #optoutside

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