8 Instances Where People Lost All Respect For Someone They Liked.....Just Like That

Well....that happened quickly.

#8 Princess Parking?

Guy dates a seemingly kind girl in college. He sensed she was quite affluent from the start. One day when they were on a date at a coffee shop, she parks her car in the handicap spot. When the guy thinking she parked there by mistake, notified her of the mistake. To which she said, "Oh I know. Princess parking!". And pulls out a handicap sticker and hangs it on the mirror. The guy would have liked nothing better than to end the date there only but he needed a ride back.


#7 Not Funny

There was a homeless guy who used to sleep outside the pizza place this guy worked at. Never bothered anyone, never asked for food, though the workers did offer him some when they had leftover pies. Middle of winter, he stopped coming around. Couple weeks later, the guy's coworker tells the guy that him and his friends dumped water on the homeless guy while he was sleeping for laughs, thinking the guy would think it was funny. Yeah, no.


#6 Boss from Hell

This guy's colleague is made to pay the bill for a table in her section that left without paying by the manager. The bill was 75 pounds. They were paid 6.95 an hour. This was on Christmas day.


#5 For The Love Of...

This person's 26-year-old daughter dies. So, he and his wife hunkered down and quit showing up to church for a while. When the guy meets a friend a couple of months later, the guy asks why no one tried to contact them after the funeral. To which the friend says,"I've know people who have had miscarriages before, and it didn't take this long to get over it. When are you going to get over it?" This conversation took place almost 6 years ago and the guy says his blood still boils when he thinks about these words.


#4 Heartless

This uncle in his family had a cat. But one day decided he didn't want it. So, took it to the woods behind their grandparent's house and left it there. It was an indoor cat that was never left outside before. Guy lost all respect for his uncle. Luckily, another uncle in the family heard about it, went into the woods, located the cat and took her home with him.


#3 Seriously?

One sentence: "I can't believe he's not over his dad's death yet!"

The kid's dad had died barely two months ago at the time.


#2 Instant Knowledge

Making fun of someone for not knowing something/how to do something was never cool. That's what exactly happened when once a couple of kids from a group were making full of a man for asking questions about how to use the computer. Nobody is born with an instant knowledge about everything.


#1 Ouch

His Ex Girlfriend comes up to him one day and says," I don't love you anymore, I don't know why and I don't want to feel this way and We'll work on getting things back to normal....... Ohh I've been seeing Insert Douches name from work as well but I'll stop"


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