3 Year Old Cuts All Of Her Hair Off. The Explanation She Gives Dad Is Priceless

This girl is all set to become the cutest girl of 2016.

#2 Confrontation With The Dad

#2 Confrontation With The Dad

Thanks to our social media today, tons of things get viral from every corner of this world. Not everything is worth your time but sometimes, you just end up coming across something that stays with you for a long time. This Video that we are about to show you is one such example. The little girl in this video is adorable.

The name of the girl in the video is Ansleigh. So she gave herself a haircut. She is too small to even touch scissors. Finally, her dad confronts her and shows her the new haircut. Her reaction? It's priceless. Check out the video ahead to see her reaction.

#1 The Video

So while talking to her Dad, Ansleigh hints that she is interested in cutting the hair and she wants to practice that. It's not only about the words that she says, it's also about her voice, her gestures, her face, her expressions. I think it's something about this little angel. And the way she ends it by thanking her Dad. Mind blowing!

Mark my words, this girl is all set to be the cutest girl of 2016. Checkout the video and you wouldn't agree any less on this!

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