2-Year-Old Tries To Wake Her Overdosed Mother At The Dollar Store. Heartbreaking!

This video is disturbing.

#3 Not So Happening Shopping!

#3 Not So Happening Shopping!

This mother was out with her 2 year old daughter at the local Family Dollar store. She was buying toys for her baby girl when suddenly she collapsed. While she stayed stoned on the floor, her daughter tried her best possible to wake her mommy, her tears couldn't stop even for a moment. The people nearby captured the video before taking her to the hospital. Watch the video of the child Tugging around her mother.

Continue reading why law came into the scene and what happened to the mother and her daughter.

#2 The Live Taking Drug!

#2 The Live Taking Drug!

Lately, the internet is going viral with the news of people losing their life to drugs. Even this lady lost her conscious due to drug overdose, probably an opiate, possibly fentanyl or an oral version of heroin.

The cops had to take action as the woman is being charged for putting her daughter's life at stake. "It’s very disturbing to see someone obviously in the matter of addiction where it overtakes someone where they’re not able to take care of their child, leaves their child vulnerable" said the Lawrence, Massachusetts police Chief James Fitzpatrick.

Head on to the next page to know the decision taken by the officers.

#1 Watch The Kid Growing In Pain Yourself.

Though the woman has recovered by the little girl has been in Department of Children and Families' custody for safety measures. Lawrence officer continued saying "They can see firsthand the power of the narcotic and fentanyl. She’s lucky to be alive and you see someone in the throes of addiction like that, and what they’re willing to sacrifice."

Watch the video below of how the girl's life has been endangered by her mommy and made her cry like anything.

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