2-Year-Old Tries To Wake Her Mom Who Has Lost Conscious And The Reason Is Upsetting!

Mother lies unconscious at the Dollar store.

#3 The Life Taker.

#3 The Life Taker.

Every now and then, the news feed has atleast 3-4 out of 10 deaths due to drug. As the world is moving towards modernism, drugs are coming into fashion more and more.

Similar is the story of this mother of a 2-year-old who fell in the ground at the Family Dollar store in Lawrence,MA. The reason wasn't known to anyone initially. The baby cried, worrying what was wrong with her mother. The people around the store came in with helping hands and took her to the hospital.

What they found out to be the cause behind her collapse was upsetting. Continue ahead.

#2 The Reason Behind Her Collapsing..

#2 The Reason Behind Her Collapsing..

While the baby Frowned seeing her mother like this, one of the guy captured this footage and uploaded on the internet.

The reason was diagnosed to be Overdoses of Heroin. What's more disturbing was the effect it may cause on the little child.

This matter wasn't solving any sooner, the cops took the matter in their hands and look what they've concluded. Turn to the next page.

#1 For The Sake Of This Little Girl.

The woman was back to life after being taken to the hospital. Although, to get rid of any addiction isn't an easy thing, but she had a 2 year old daughter which was endangered but this deed of hers. The cops decided to charge her for ruin her kid's life.

The video below is totally heart wrenching as the baby girl cries seeing her mommy on the floor, unconscious.

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