14 Instances That Show The Heights Of Selfishness

People's story from when they witnessed the most selfish act ever done.

#14 Inhuman

A coworker got pregnant after trying for a couple years. She was several months in, started having weird pains while at work on a Wednesday or Thursday and turns out she was having a miscarriage. Nonetheless, she loses the baby, but returns to work on Monday.

She wasn't working at 100%, so my boss, Pat, (also a female), walks up to my coworker and says “My dog is sick, but you don't see me slacking off.”



#13 Why?

This happened at least 15 years ago at Six Flags. I was standing in line for a ride, and a teenage boy and his younger sister were in front of me. The girl was hungry and kept asking her brother if they could get something to eat. Eventually we reached a stand that sold frozen lemonade. The boy paid for the lemonade, reached for two spoons, paused, and then put the other spoon back. He did not share the frozen lemonade. The little girl just stood there silently with the saddest look on her face.



#12 Brothers like this exist?

My brother. He, through a mistake, received a free iPod. And this was when they were really blowing up. I offered him $70 for it because this was how much I had saved up so far in order to buy one for my self. Be said no because he could get more online. Fine. About a year later I was saving up for a new digital camera and he offers to sell me his because he got a new one for Christmas. I pay him $200 for it and he mails it to be (we lived in different states at the time). I get it and it won't turn on. I call him. He says yeah it's broken, that's why I got a new one. Wouldn't give me my money back. I don't talk to him much anymore.



#11 Too Much Feelings....

When I was like 11, my mum slipped a disc in her back and she was literally in agony. Anyway, she couldn't get up the stairs but my (incredibly physically strong) dad refused to help her because he'd had 'a long day' so he went for a nap on the sofa while my mum literally had to crawl up the stairs to her bed. It's the only time to this day I've seen her cry. That really stuck with me, and from now on I'll always go out of my way to help someone in pain out (accident or just chronic pain and struggling while out and about) if they want the help, no matter how much it'll inconvenience my day/how tired I am or whatever.



#10 Dead

I once was involved in a matter where a man committed suicide. A fund was put together by his friends and managed by his sister to raise money for his funeral, burial and some other cash to tide over some debts etc.

His sister took the money, went on holiday and blew it all and when asked about it said, "He's dead, why does he matter?"



#9 5 Dollars

After I left my ex, I came to an agreement with him where he would get visitation, but since I had no car or license, he would have to pick them up and bring them home, and I would put gas in his car (I said I would give him gas, not money, because I was not going to give him party money). When he dropped them off, he got so mad that I had a can of gas, rather than money to give him, that he drove off and never saw them again. Honestly, both me and my kids are way better for it, but damn, throwing away kids over 5 dollars is literally the most selfish, most terrible thing I have ever seen someone do.



#8 Oh Man...

My brother using his girlfriend's child's bank account to commit fraud due to his gambling addiction. The kid was no older than 4 at the time, it was intended as an account for grandparents and other family members to put money in over time for him to have at 18. He stole all the money and attempted to get credit with the account.



#7 Parents? Really?

These two girls I knew in middle school, their parents were poor. (Actually, it was their mom and her boyfriend.) I went over to their house one day and saw that while the parents had a furnished bedroom, the girls just had mattresses on the floor and all their clothes were just folded on the floor.

In the kitchen there was a pantry that had a scant amount of crappy food that no one like's to eat. But above the stove was the parent's pantry filled with yummy stuff. They were not allowed to watch the boyfriend's TV or play his video games. Also, what little amount of money they had extra, they spent it on pot. It's sad how neglected these girls were.



#6 Wow

Busy streetcar and a man on crutches comes on. All seats are filled. The man almost falls over twice and noone offers him a seat. I finally made a point of being obnoxious and basically saying "Would someone mind offering this dude a seat please?"

Honestly there were a couple twenty somethings who immediately turned to look in a different direction to pretend they didn't hear me....



#5 God!

When my parents got divorced, my father told the arbitrator that if he gave my mom the money for the bills, she would just waste it and they wouldn't get paid. For some reason her lawyer agreed to the condition and he got to keep a large portion of the alimony/child support so he could pay the house / electric / car / other utilities bills.

He did not. He just kept the money. Six months later, we were kicked out of our house and lost our car. When this was brought up at court, my father decided he should just quit his six figure job at the department of corrections to avoid having to give our family ANY money.

If you think that maybe my mother was really a money grubber or something, it should be noted that she had gotten a serious spinal surgery in her neck only a month before the divorce and was virtually bedridden. With me as a teenager and my brother not even ten years old, I had to take care of everything.



#4 Not Cool..Not Cool At All...

First thing that comes to mind, a women was in line at Subway and didn't have enough money for both her and her child's sandwich. She chose to pay for her own sandwich and had the worker throw away the child's. The woman simply told the kid he could eat later.



#3 Trash

My niece saw a t-shirt on the back of a box of cereal. One of those send in three proof of purchase situations. She just had to have it. She brought the box to her mom and told her about it. My sister in law ordered it in a large for herself. Straight up told the little girl to stop crying, that you don't get everything you want. I just happened to be the one to go check the mail the day it came in. That shirt went straight in the trash can.



#2 I am still surprised to be surprised...

Once I worked with a woman who was about to have her first baby. Her water broke on her birthday and she started to go into labor. She said she purposely tried to stop labor and waited until a few days later to go to the hospital because she didn't want to share her birthday with her baby because she said it was "her day".

She ended up having a very bad time delivering because she had waited so long to seek medical help.

Hands down most selfish thing I've ever heard.



#1 Gummy Worms

I worked at a convenience store and in walked a mother and her young son, I'm guessing he was about 5. She goes gets a soda and comes up to the counter. We have on the counter a tub full of gummy worms at 5 cents each, and the little boy asks him mom if he can have 2. Literally asks for exactly 2, as in 10 cents worth. She proceeds to tell him no that "We can't afford that!" and then buys $10 worth of scratch offs. I gave that little boy 5 gummy worms. No way in hell a kid that comes in and asks him mother nicely if he can have just 2 gummy worms is gonna miss out especially if she then spends $10 on god damn scratch offs.



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