10 Creepiest Stories People Never Managed To Explain

Spooky much!

My grandfather had 2 sisters. Both of them stay on different ends of the town. One day I visited one sister and she randomly started telling me that her sister is in trouble. After 15 minutes, we get a call saying she had passed away after coming across a car accident.

At 12, I needed surgery after a bike accident. My babysitter was old and it had been a long time that we had not seen her. Her husband called saying she had passed and was concerned about him as she knew he was hurt.

I was staying in an old hotel with a friend. I woke up at the noise of the door. I saw a shadow of a man. Thinking it was a burglar, I attacked it but nothing happened. In the morning, my friend asked me why I was walking up and down the stairs.

I had a dream of being kidnapped and stabbed in the leg. I woke up with a wound on my leg and I don’t know how it happened.

About a year ago, my brother and I were reading an article on the internet at around 1 am. Parents are asleep in their bedroom, which is right next to mine. All of a sudden we hear the loudest, most blood-curdling scream coming from outside. No joke, this scream filled me with instant, unfathomable dread. My parent’s bedroom door shook violently as if it was just slammed shut. This, of course, causes my parents to jolt awake in a panic. We all run over to the window near the source of the scream, and we see a woman with long hair and a white dress slowly walking up the street, crying and occasionally letting out a loud scream. My dad rushes outside and asks her what’s wrong if she needs help, but she just kept walking. My dad called the police anyway, but they could not find a trace of her! I heard that scream again around the same time, only this time, it didn't wake up my parents and I was too scared to look outside

My grandma’s grandmother was sick with dementia. She predicted that my grandmother’s husband would die and a dark-haired man would be with her. It actually happened.

I was standing in the bathroom one day and I saw a dark figure of the child. As I put the light on, the figure melted.

My friend lives 1500 miles away. She had been trying for a baby but there wasn’t any luck. One day randomly I hear a voice in my head that Meg is pregnant. I called her the next day and I was right.

I went out to take out the garbage at 7:30pm. When I got back it was 10pm. Don’t know what happened.

I started crying one day and kept saying that they shouldn’t hurt my dad. Years later my dad was murdered.

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