What She Had Hidden In Her Bra Protected Her At Every Moment - And You'll Want One

This is a necessity for all the women in this world. Take a look...

#4 Women Safety

#4 Women Safety

The crime rate against women is increasing with every passing day. This world is no more a safe place for them to survive. This is the time when we need something extraordinarily brilliant to keep every woman safe.

So in April last year, a woman named Jennifer Cutrona was training for a marathon. She was running near her home which was in Texas. Everything was fine till now...

#3 The Stranger

#3 The Stranger

So while she was running with her ear buds plucked in, a man lurking in the woods jumped out to grab her. She was attacked by this man to obviously molest her.

"If I were to be killed senselessly on a trail for somebody's thrill, how bad it would impact their world?!" Cutrona said. So after this incident, she came up with something extraordinary. She made something that can be used by each and every women for her protection.

Checkout the details ahead...

#2 Booby Trap Bras

#2 Booby Trap Bras

Luckily, Jennifer saved herself from that man. After this horrifying incident, she decided to do something for women's safety. She believes that women should prepare for the worst when they go out to run alone.

This is when she came up with something called "Booby Trap Bras." She patented the bra - designed for activity which provides women a way to safely store a special knife or pepper spray which they can easily access if attacked. The "Just in Case Knife Bra" retails for 54.99 dollars (knife sold on website separately) and the "Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra" retails for $49.99.

We have a video of this incident ahead.

#1 The Video

"It had to happen for me to move forward. I was excited that I got away, but I know a lot of women aren't that lucky", Jennifer said. In this world where a women can no longer trust any unknown man, this kind of a safety bra is essential.

She has already started shipping orders. This bra will provide ultimate protection to the one who is wearing it. Checkout this video below to know how.

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