Watching A Tattoo Machine In Slow Motion Will Give You Chills.

No idea why this showed up on recommended for me but I don't regret watching it!!!

#2 Tattoos

#2 Tattoos

Human lifestyle has drastically changed over the period of years. Right from the way we used to dress to the food we ate, everything is different now thanks to globalization. But the one thing that hasn't really changed and is still the same after so many centuries is the practice of tattooing. Shocked??? Well don't be.

The practice of tattooing people has existed since around 6000 B.C as a form of expression and to mark group affiliation. Yes, it's that old! Whether you call them 'ink,' 'tats,' or 'skin art,' tattoos are body modifications that involve inserting ink underneath the epidermis. To understand how this is done, check out the video on the next page...

#1 The Slow Motion Video

Different people have different perceptions about tattooing. If you've never gotten a tattoo, you might think that a tattoo needle works by "injecting" ink under the skin. That's sort of true, but close-up and slowed-down footage of the process reveals some nuance. It isn't what we always thought.

So what is it? What is the nuance that we mentioned above? To find out all that, check out the video here. Also, share your views with us by commenting below:)

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